Kids Menu at Wagamama

Kids Dining at Wagamama

  On our trip to London last weekend, Seren requested “NOODLES!” and “GREEN JUICE” for dinner. She means Wagamama, which we went to for the first time in the summer. Which pleases me greatly as I love Wagamama and we don’t have one locally…

30th November 2016
Enfield Parade of Lights
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The Light Parade

  Sunday really kicked off the festive season for us with the local Light Parade. It’s a charity event where lots of different groups take part in a parade adorned with (you guessed it) lights! There’s fireworks at the end and stalls and a…

28th November 2016
Christmas Activities for Little Ones
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Christmas Activities for Little Ones

We have a ‘tree’ in our kitchen – well it’s a jug full of twigs – that we hang seasonal / celebration stuff on. So photos and numbers for birthdays, eggs for Easter etc. It’s been covered in the kids’ Halloween crafts until yesterday.…

24th November 2016
Seren at Rainbows
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  Seren joined Rainbows at the beginning of this term and said her ‘promise’ a couple of weeks ago and officially became a Girlguiding member. She said her words with such enthusiasm and with a big smile on her face, I was so proud…

21st November 2016
Sisters at Trent Park
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A Little Help From My Sister

  I snapped these photos on Sunday over at Trent Park. It was a lovely sunny autumn day after a day of greyness and heavy rain the day before. Imogen is a total monkey when it comes to climbing, much more confident than Seren…

15th November 2016
Telling Jokes
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Jokes for 5 Year Olds

  Seren loves making up “jokes” at the moment and falls around in fits of laughter when she gets to her punch line. I used inverted commas around the word jokes there as they are not, shall we say, jokes that make any sort…

14th November 2016
Belmont Children's Farm, Mill Hill, London

Belmont Children’s Farm

  Imogen and I went over to Belmont Children’s Farm in Mill Hill for a midweek treat last week after being cooped indoors with illness for a few days. Like a lot of toddlers, she is very happy around animals and I fancied a…

10th November 2016
Halloween at Creepy Manor (Capel Manor)
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Happy Halloween!

  Wooohoooohooooooo (ghost sound). We’ve had a lot of Halloween fun over the half term (though with a couple of bouts of sickness and cancelled plans thrown in too). The Halloween costumes have been washed several times and we’ve had a lot of practice…

31st October 2016
Halloween at Audley End Railway

Halloween at Audley End Miniature Railway

  After the lovely time we had at Audley End in the summer, we decided to go back for their Halloween event. No fairies or elves this time, they’ve gone for their winter break, or perhaps they’ve been chased away by the witches who…

26th October 2016