Cbeebies Prom 2016 at The Royal Albert Hall

The CBeebies Prom at the Royal Albert Hall

  I still have a bunch of stories from the summer holidays to write up (I’m hoping to get through them by half-term!). On the August Bank Holiday weekend Seren and I went to watch the CBeebies Prom being filmed at the Royal Albert Hall.…

12th October 2016
Sunday Scooter School
Adventures Pregnancy + Parenthood

Sunday Scooter School

  Well not really a school, and we did biking too, but I can’t resist the alliteration. We took advantage of the beautiful, sunny, warm-ish day yesterday and took the girls out to practise riding their scooter (Imogen) and bike (Seren). We started out…

10th October 2016
Apple Day at Forty Hall Farm Orchard

Apple Day at Forty Hall Farm

  The only photos of the girls I took last week were on Sunday at Apple Day. The school days, increasing darkness and us all feeling under the weather are narrowing photo opportunities. Sunday was good though (let’s gloss over it being our wedding anniversary…

3rd October 2016
autumn in regent's park london
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Our Autumn List

  When I asked Seren, my autumn equinox baby, what she was looking forward to about autumn, her reply was that she was excited that it was nearly Christmas! Woah, slow down there. Though, of course, I’m planning for Christmas but it’s a little…

2nd October 2016
Family holiday in North Norfolk 2016
Adventures Pregnancy + Parenthood

Summer Favourites

  I started writing this a few weeks ago, when the new term had started, the leaves and conkers were falling and there was a chill in the morning air. Then summer seemed to have a final fling with the mini September heatwave so…

30th September 2016
Seren's 5th birthday
Pregnancy + Parenthood

A Magnificent 5th Birthday

  Magnificent was the word that Seren used to describe her 5th birthday party. I wanted to write that down to remember because sometimes it can feel a bit one way this parenting lark and I wonder if by creating too many wonderful, magical…

28th September 2016
Letting Off Steam
Pregnancy + Parenthood

Letting Off Steam

  I’m so behind on posting this week – I’ve got a cold that is zapping my energy and I’m putting what’s left into prepping for the big girl’s imminent birthday celebrations. September is a huge month of birthdays for us – I guess…

21st September 2016
Sisters September 2016
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Sisters | September 2016

I haven’t done a ‘sisters’ post since January so I thought it was about time for another. I did start a draft in March and reading it back it was mostly about them squabbling. Which they still do, of course, they are siblings but it’s…

15th September 2016
New beginnings - The Mama Story
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New beginnings

  It’s not just been ‘back to school’ for us here, but whole new beginnings with Reception and Playgroup starts last week! And a whole new beginning for me too, getting some regularly child-free time for the first time in nearly 2.5 years. S has taken…

12th September 2016