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Geneology Course With NCC Home Learning
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Learning a New Skill With NCC Home Learning

  If you are thinking about starting a course to expand your skills, retrain or get back onto work after a break, then read on! NCC Home Learning Award winning NCC Home Learning offer a huge range of distance based courses, for comparatively reasonable prices. Most…

6th June 2017
Rush Hair Enfield Review
Lifestyle Mama Stories

REVIEW: Rush Hair, Enfield

  There was much excitement on the local high street last Saturday, with the opening of a brand new Rush Hair salon in Enfield. I LOVE seeing new high street openings – instead of closing downs which we seem to see far too often…

14th March 2017
Mama Stories

Mama Stories | Interview with Photographer Julia Sedinkina

I’m excited that I’ve got the first post in a series of ‘Mama Stories’ today – just in time for Mother’s Day on Sunday! Here’s an interview with London photographer Julia Sedinkina. You might remember that Julia took some lovely photos of my family and…

4th March 2016
Lifestyle Mama Stories

House of Mamas Launch Event #houseofmamasdrama

Every so often an invite arrives that you just have to move heaven and earth (OK, cajole husband to miss his weekly football match) to accept. A couple of weeks ago, I was invited to the House of Mamas’ first blogging event, held at new East…

15th July 2015
Family Mama Stories

Being readmitted to hospital with a newborn

I didn’t go into too much detail about this at the time but when Imogen was 5 days old she was re-admitted to hospital as she wasn’t progressing as well as she should be. She had lost too much weight (sometimes called “failure to thrive”)…

3rd June 2015