Hi, welcome to The Mama Story blog, written by me, Sian, with assistance from Seren (aged 5) and Imogen (aged 2).

We’re based in suburban north London and write about our adventures in the area and beyond as well as tales of parenting, celebrating, playing, creating, and eating. I’m constantly striving to be more organised and save money whilst still having a lot of fun. My background is in financial services marketing and project management and I’m currently taking a career break. When I’m not changing nappies, refereeing arguments and doing the school run I like crafting. DIYing, taking photos and writing up an epic tale of our family tree. I also like to do more social things like, um, drink wine and gossiping.

If you’re new to my blog then a good place to start is by reading about the blog highlights from 2015  – Happy New Year & A Look Back At 2015 or at the round up of our 2015 weekly portraits, A Year In Living Arrows.



All of the content on the blog is written by me and nearly all of the photos are taken by me (any that aren’t are always credited). Please do not use any of my photos or content without asking me first. Occasionally I will write about an experience or product that we have been gifted or sent to review and I will always be very clear about that. Also, this website occasionally uses affiliate links too.

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